One to Watch: Kelli Cruciotti is Doing the Work to Get to Devon

If you're looking Kelli Cruciotti after a day of showing at Devon (Pa.), dont look in the stands. Or at the fudge booth. Or even back at the hotel.

Odds are Cruciotti, 17, will be back at the barn grooming and wrapping horse or cleaning tack. She might have help, since she’s got five horses showing at Devon, but Cruciotti

makes it a priority to do as much as she can of her horses’ care.

“My philosophy is that the horses jump so hard for me and try so hard for me, the least I can do is take care o them well,” Cruciotti said. “That’s ways been a big part of my life. I do enjoy it, taking care of them and making sure they're put away correctly and that they have the best care. If they're giving me 110 percent all the time, then I need to give them 120 percent of my effort. It’s hugely important to me. My mom raised me to always put the horses first and that it’s not about the blue ribbons; it’s about taking care of them.”